Act like a coach

simple lessons from sports & business leaders

Paul Van den Bosch; Ronnie Leten


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ISBN: 9789492677044, geïllustreerd, 160 blz., May 2017, Engels
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"Often, managing and coaching employees is
made to be much more complex than it actually
is. You don't need difficult words, whether in
sport or in business, to motivate people to do
better and to enjoy what they do. Just apply
a few simple principles from daily life and
you'll find that you can get very far. We have
compiled some of these principles in this
book, each sharing our own perspective and
Ronnie Leten and Paul Van Den Bosch
Former CEO of Atlas Copco Ronnie Leten
and sports coach Paul Van Den Bosch
understand that there is a huge similarity
between coaching skills in sport and in
business. Which is not that strange,
because the pressures in the business
world and in our society in general are
continually increasing.
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