Agile Service Management with Scrum

On the way to a healthy balance between the dynamics of developing and the stability of managing the information provision

Bart de Best

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Using Agile software development is taking off. The terms Scrum and Kanban are already common to many organizations. Agile software development needs different requirements for the management of software. Many organizations are mastering this new challenge.

In particular, the interaction between the Scrum development process and the support of the software that the Scrum development process has produced, is an important aspect. This book specifically discusses this interaction. Examples of topics that are discussed here are the service portfolio, SLAs and the handling of incidents and change requests.

This book first defines the risk areas when implementing Scrum and Kanban. Next the various Agile terms and concepts are discussed. The content of Agile service management is described at both the organizational- as the process level. The relevant risks are specified for each service management process. In addition, the implementation of each process within the context of scrum is indicated.

This book is just one of the practical reads of best practices that have been published by this author in a series of publications.


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over de schrijver(s)Drs. Ing. B. de Best RI has been active in ICT since 1985. He worked primarily with the top 100 of Dutch business and government organizations.

He has acquired experience in different roles within all aspects of system development, including operations for 12 years. After that, he focused on the subject of service management.

Currently, as a consultant, he is active in all aspects of the knowledge management cycle of service management, such as training ICT managers and service managers, advising service management organisations, improving service management processes and outsourcing (parts of) service management organisations. He graduated at both the HTS and University level in the management field.
toelichtingYou must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself - Sam Levensen.

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