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We take pride in presenting the 33nd edition of the online DACE Price booklet. It was edited by DACE in cooperation with Vakmedianet BouwCommunities at Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Vakmedianet took the responsibility for production, marketing and distribution, while DACE was responsible for the content of this document. The cost information is collected by the Special Interest Group CEPI (Cost Engineering Process Industry). Just like in former editions, the authors have compiled this document with great care. The budget prices have been established based on the assessment of actual costs of recently finished projects. The useful value of this document might increase, if wishes of the users can be taken into account. If you have any remarks or suggestions on the headings, completeness, measure of detail or any other matter, please inform Vakmedianet for questions regarding the content of this price booklet please approach the DACE Office (info@dace.nl).
Provided costs (prices) are applicable within the process industry; intended to be used for budget reasons, or for comparing alternative project implementation methods. Costs are not suitable for definitive estimates or benchmarking purposes. If for example, large quantities are used then special discounts are often possible on the listed prices.
All participating companies gather cost-estimate data of actual projects in the process industry. Valuable cost data you can now benefit from. With a subscription to this website you can:
- Preparing budget prices for industrial process facilities.
- Estimating project costs.
- Considering the costs of alternative designs.
- Validating quoted budget prices.
- Comparing own costs data to market prices.
With this booklet you can get also the online booklet on your profile. Pleas navigate to "register and activate" on www.dacepricebooklet.com and provide the activation code in the booklet.

Dimensions are indicated in millimeters, any deviations are clearly stated.
Generally the SI Uninty system is used.

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over de schrijver(s)DACE Cost and Value: - The Dutch Network and Knowledge Center for Cost Engineering and Value Management.
DACE is an organization in which some 130 companies participate. These companies operate in the Dutch process industry and infrastructure industry. Cost engineers and value managers from these companies participate in the DACE networking meetings, the Special Interest Groups, and in other events. All activities focus on building an effective and efficient network of cost engineers and value managers. Visit www.dace.nl for more information.
A Process equipment
B Piping material
C Painting and insulation
D Electrical
E Instrumentation an d process control
F Civil and buildings
G Engineering costs
H General data
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