Low-carb Recipes Oanh's kitchen

includes 4 weekly menus

Oanh Ha Thi Ngoc

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 17.99
ISBN: 9789492537027, geïllustreerd, 192 blz., June 2017, Engels
Formaat: 21.2 (h) x 21.1 (b) x 1.8 (d) cm. Gewicht: 697 gram.

Uitgever: BjörnBooks

serienaam/reeks: Oanh's Kitchen

illustrator: Tom Rutjens

vertaald door: Vivian Rutte

trefwoorden: low-carb;low-carb, lowcarb, oanh's kitchen, oanh, foodblogk


Low Carb Recipes Oanh's Kitchen is a translation of the origional version Koolhydraatarme Recepten uit Oanh's Kitchen. A cookbook with all easy to make recipes written by the foodblogger Oanh Ha Thi Ngoc.The number of carbs are mentioned with the recipes. Also 4 weekly menus are included

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toelichtingEnglish version from the Dutch bestseller "Koolhydraatarme Recepten uit Oanh's Kitchen". All the favorite recipes form foodblogger Oanh bundeled in a low-carb cookbook, together with a lot of new recipes. In this way you also can enjoy the low-carb dishes. All coming from Oanh's Kitchen. The recipes includes 20 to 30 carbs a day, mostly half from vegetables. Lossing weight in a low-carb way. What a nice thing to do! Enjoy!

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