Can I achieve more in life?

Assisting men and women rediscover their purpose in life

Duvilène Pieter; Eunice Anita


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ISBN: 9789492266163, 56 blz., August 2019, Engels
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Uitgever: Highly Favored Publishing

serienaam/reeks: MY PURPOSE - SERIES


A general feeling we all have is that of achieving more in life. Sometimes it is driven by what we see around us, and at times, it is just a hunger to prove that one can do far more than others see or perceive. Could there be another, a more profound reason for wanting to achieve more in life?

Discovering or rediscovering one’s purpose in life is the answer that brings fulfillment to the drive of wanting to achieve more in life in the spirit, body, and soul of man. This booklet will inspire you and assist you in the journey of (re)discovering your divine purpose.


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over de schrijver(s)Duvilène is a professional with a Master’s degree in Business Organization and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. She is a professional who believes in God and says: “Lord, here am I, may your will be done in my life.”

In her career she experienced setbacks as a woman in a “man’s field”, but they have not robbed her of her determination to achieve more in life.

Eunice, who co-authored this booklet, is also a professional. She has a Masters’ degree in Accounting and is well aware that her life had not started at the point of having a masters’ degree. To achieve this, she had to work hard and develop skills in several areas of life. While growing up, she learned to value her journey of achieving more in life, naturally and spiritually.
toelichtingCan I achieve more in life, is a question that may ponder once in a while in one’s mind. Surely achieving more is possible. Children of God can do all things through Christ that strengthens them. Don’t limit yourself in all you can accomplish, for you are created to be victorious in all areas of life.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit to bless you, your loved ones and generations to come.
Read them, meditate on the topics and rediscover joy, hope, and peace as the Lord has laid them out for you from the beginning of creation.
The booklets contain prayers tailored for the specific topics to assist you in your prayer time.

Can I achieve more in life? is the second booklet in the series.
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