Lean Six Sigma Yellow & Orange Belt

50 exercises and answer keys Climbing the mountain

T.H.M. de Goede; T.I. Hesp; A. Meek; A.G.M. ten Tije


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ISBN: 9789492240057, geïllustreerd, 102 blz., August 2015, Engels
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toelichtingClimbing the Mountain
Yellow / Orange Belt Exercises

In order to be successful, it is important for all businesses and organizations to continuously focus on customer satisfaction. By effectively applying Lean Six Sigma, your organization can supply products or services with outstanding quality at low costs and because of improved processes the lead times are shorter and delivery will be more efficient.

Individuals can be trained to various Lean Six Sigma color 'Belt levels'. When an organization commits to a company-wide Lean Six Sigma implementation, it is advisable to create a strong foundation of Yellow and Orange Belts. Employees trained to these levels are able to apply problem solving techniques and engage in Kaizen events and Lean projects. It also makes them valuable team members in larger Green and Black Belt projects.

There are many excellent books about the Lean Six Sigma theory. However you need to learn by doing and practicing. This exercise book is a valuable addition in Lean Six Sigma training events for Yellow and Orange Belts. In numerous exercises one learn to combine powerful tools and techniques with the skills and mindset required to achieve successful Process Improvement.

The structure of this book is based on the Lean Six Sigma Academy Syllabi for Yellow and Orange Belts.
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