Soigneur cycling journal 16


gebonden: € 16.50

ISBN: 9789492175052, geïllustreerd, 202 blz., November 2016, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Soigneur

redactie: Martijn Boot


Soigneur Cycling Journal 16 is the second international edition of Soigneur. Hardcover, high quality print as always, with 208 pages celebrating cycling culture.

In this edition:

Roads to Ride with Michael Blann
The Day Fabian Waved to Me
Racing through the Fallout - Peace Race '86
Super Domestique
Transcontinental by James Robertson
Observations by Phil Liggett
Flanders - Home of the Classics
The Art of War
Long Road to Lisbon
Timm Kölln's 2007-2010 Portfolio
Descent by Peter Winnen
Design according to Death Spray Custom
Greg LeMond - The Little Guy
This is the End

and more...

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