Workbook 2 CBT for substance use and gambling

Andrée van Emst


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ISBN: 9789492121332, 126 blz., September 2019, Engels
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A precise and page-to-page English translation of Werkboek 2 cognitieve gedragstherapie bij middelengebruik en gokken ISBN 9789492121103 (individual treatment with 9 basic sessions and 7 optional sessions) also containing self-monitoring registration forms, other fill-in schemes and many exercises to do at home and to discuss the following session. Clients are expected to work hard on the goals set. They practice between the sessions with different ways of thinking and behaviour. It is important that the clients exercise and write things down in the workbook. This maximizes the chance to reach control over their substance use or gambling. The workbook does not contain psycho-education itself but is referring to reliable sources. The therapist is supported with psycho-education in the separate Dutch manual ISBN 97894 92121028 and in the English Addendum.

Session 1: Preparing for change
Session 2: Goals and self-managing measures
Session 3: Self-managing measures and functional analysis
Session 4: Functional analysis and emergency measures
Session 5: Emergency measures and coping with craving
Session 6: Coping with craving and changing thoughts
Session 7: Changing thoughts and refusing offers of substances and gambling
Session 8: Refusing offers of substances and gambling
Session 9: Evaluation halfway and choosing additional themes

Optional sessions: 1 Social skills: small talk; 2 Social skills: receiving criticism; 3 Social skills: giving feedback; 4 Coping with a low mood; 5 Coping with stress; 6 Effective problem solving; 7 Coping with relapse

Extra information
Final Evaluation Form
List of Activities
Registration Forms

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