Pavel Büchler

in amongst the ashes

Lisa Le Feuvre; Nikos Papastergiadis; Philippe Pirotte; Nick Thurston

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Pavel Büchler

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ISBN: 9789491819308, geïllustreerd, February 2015, Engels
Formaat: 25.8 (h) x 25.8 (b) x 3.4 (d) cm. Gewicht: 1836 gram.

Uitgever: Graphic Matter

redactie: Tommy Simoens


Using found texts, images, and technologies (such as slide projectors, typewriters, typographical elements, and relief printing), Czech artist Pavel Büchler distils new meaning from the everyday. With lightness and precision, he appropriates objects from their usual functions and places them in sober compositions, making references to art history, literature, and philosophy in the process. This is the first monograph to offer a complete overview of Büchler's body of work, ranging from his early collages to the "action activities" and "artist books". Includes essays by Pavlina Morganova and Philippe Pirotte, plus an interview with the artist by Lisa Le Feuvre.

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