Practical Radiation Protection

Jos van den Eijnde; Lars Roobol

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Practical Radiation Protection

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ISBN: 9789491764301, February 2018
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Uitgever: Syntax Media

serienaam/reeks: Heron-reeks


In this book a systematic insight is given in the hazards of applying ionising radiation and in the work methods that can be used to control these hazards to come to an acceptable risk. It is meant for employees in laboratories and in a medical environment and for Radiation Protection Officers.

The first chapters treat in successive order the physical backgrounds, the measurement apparatuses, the quantities and units used in radiation protection, the hazards of ionising radiation, and the measures that are already taken by the Dutch Government and the formulas to assess your own dose.
In the Chapters 9, 10 and 11 the authors describe the measures the worker himself can take for sealed sources and X-ray equipment, for open sources and for medical applications.
The new Chapter 11 describes practical radiation hygiene in a medical setting. This chapter is intended for employees who do not get information about radiation protection during their education, such as medical specialists (not radiologists), nurses, medical receptionists, research workers and technical support personnel.

In this book the rules and regulations as from February 2018 are described, when the new radiation protection basic safety standards 'Euratom Directive' was implemented in the Dutch law.

This book is a translation of the Dutch publication Praktische stralingshygiëne,ISBN 9789491764295.


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