The employee journey

Sascha Becker; Wenda Bolink

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The employee journey

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ISBN: 9789491757761, 224 blz., November 2018, Engels
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Marketeers have been working on the customer journey for years, but when it comes to the employee journey, Communications and HR professionals are only just getting started. It is time to pick up the pace, because labour shortages are only getting worse. Employees of all generations choose the organisation that ties in with their own identity, purpose, wishes and needs, so to survive these days, your organisation needs to create a great employee journey. Only then will the right talent choose your company, employees be eager and enthusiastic to help make you a success, and former employees become and remain ambassadors.

This book shows you, step by step, how to create a great employee experience at every stage of the employee journey.
• Insight into the key factors and essential touchpoints
• From the perspective of both the organisation and the employee
• Facts, figures and theory
• Tips and tricks on how to get started immediately
• Engaging practical case studies

‘True value creation by organisations requires and aligns with the dreams, experience and energy of the employees – always and everywhere. This book, as insightful as it is practical, will guide you through this value creation process.’
Erik van de Loo
Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and Professor of Leadership and Behaviour at TIAS

‘A carefully crafted employee journey is the key to success for every organisation. Only by focusing on your most important asset – the people who work at and for the organisation – can you be successful as a company. It is aligned employees who make the company, not the other way around. A strong employer brand and an integrated and above all inspiring employee experience are essential in all of this. This book paints a very complete picture. A must-read!’
Jos Schut
Chief Human Resources, Officer at Randstad


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