Predestination and Preaching

in Genevan theology from John Calvin to Benedict Pictet

Pieter L. Rouwendal


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ISBN: 9789491583995, 320 blz., September 2019 UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Summum

serienaam/reeks: Texts and Studies in Historical Theology


Given the conclusions of recent research, that predestination was no central dogma to, and did not affect the method of reformed theology, this study investigates the question if and how the doctrine of predestination affected the ideas and the practise of preaching. The relation of predestination and covenant, congregation, atonement, faith etc. are researched in the theology and sermons of John Calvin, Theodore Beza, John Diodati and Theodore Tronchin, Francis Turretin, and Benedict Pictet.
This study shows that in Genevan Reformed theology from Calvin to Pictet, predestination and the external call were inseparably connected, but that the doctrine of predestination neither dominated the content nor restricted the address of the external call.


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