Life is great & most of the time it sucks

the psychology of improving yourself

Emile Ratelband

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ISBN: 9789491535444, geïllustreerd, 184 blz., March 2015, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: NAU Uitgeverij

vertaald door: Carmen Jansen


About ´Life is Great, and most of the time it sucks´

Try to understand yourself and the people around you better and don’t try to be or become something or someone who you are not, because then life sucks.

Emile Ratelband is a pure-bred entrepreneur. He has been one of Europe´s most inspirational motivation speakers for almost 35 years and is an internationally successful writer as well. At the age of just 28 he became a millionaire by selling his first business. After that he moved to the USA. In L.A. he met Anthony Robbins and convinced Anthony to train him personally. Energized and ambitious to motivate, Emile introduced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Europe
two years later (in the early nineteen eighties). He has trained not only at the Top100 companies worldwide but has also worked for governments in Europe, Dubai, Iran and Thailand. More than 785,000 individuals have been trained by him in open seminars dealing with the psychology of improving yourself the best you can and the best way you can. He has trained numerous international sportsmen and athletes and has inspired several sport teams to achieve unprecedented heights in the tournaments they competed in. Emile has written thirteen books and sold more than two million copies of his works. He became famous by introducing the word Tsjakkaa! on stage and in the media.

In his latest book, ´Life is Great and most of the time it sucks´ Emile Ratelband gives an inspirational introduction to the change processes we all find ourselves in as time goes by. He describes the need to change and how important it is to move out of our ´safe´ comfort zone. With the forewarning: “Steadfastness is an illusion! “he communicates to the reader how he can free himself. “Don’t let society make you crazy. Do not deny, renounce, or disavow yourself. Above all – be true to yourself. That is who you are and what you should be”.
Nowadays we find ourselves in the luxurious position of being able to work on our personal growth. The self-actualization we strive for is not about material matters nor about being accepted by our friends. It is not about any of the matters with a superficial nature. In fact, we have already “been there, done that” decades ago. We don’t need to fight for higher wages so that we can have the things that money can buy. What we do need instead is to take the steps that are necessary for improving the quality of our own life and in so doing becoming a better person.

Emile´s own history, his efforts, and his dedication have made him the man he is today. ‘Body Logics’ is the culmination of all those endeavors. With the readily accessible knowledge made explicit in the chapter ‘Body Logics’ we all can discover what type of person we are and discern more about ourselves and the people in our surroundings. But be aware whilst reading the book: The range for change is limited. Certain traits and features are just part of you. Your body, face, hair, ears, etc. are unique, and yours alone. They determine who you are. But within the totality of who you are, growth is possible, desirable and necessary. ‘Body Logics’ provides you with the best tips for change and also helps you accept the restrictions that go hand in hand with being who you are. You shall discover that what doesn’t fit -- you do not desire.
And Emile already knows how you – the reader - will react to his book. If your structure is round, then you will put the knowledge that you have acquired to practice in order to help others. If you have a straight form, then you will automatically use this book to become better in what you do, so that you can become even more successful than you already are. And, if you possess an egg-shape, then, you will most probably --- put it on the bookshelf and never look at it again ---, or, you will utilize the book to elevate to a spiritually or intellectually higher level.

Be inspired by the book ´Life is great, and most of the time is sucks´!

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