Love heals

why not do it more; as long as there are spirits in this world you will never travel alone

Lydia Muijen

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ISBN: 9789491535277, geïllustreerd, 65 blz., January 2015, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: NAU Uitgeverij


“Love Heals, why not do it more” is filled with inspirational short poems of timeless truths and with her personal experiences. Lydia Muijen wrote a new collection of poems about a world that could use a little more kindness. With a bubbling curiosity for nature, Lydia indirectly raises questions as: How can we start to heal the world we live in; what would the world look like if there were a little more kindness in it; and what would the world look like from the perspective of a tree? She poses some interesting creative insights about the world we live in. Often writing her poems in a diary or writing them on a napkin, most of her new poems are inspired by people she met. Lydia has filled the collection with inspirational poems of kindness and of love and did all the illustrations herself. Her second collection of poets poses the ultimate question: Love heals; why not do it more?

About the author and actress Lydia Muijen:
Lydia successfully completed two master degrees one Master in Arts in English Literature and a Master in Science - cum laude- in Financial Management. She is an international actress and worked on both Hollywood films and independent films in Los Angeles – where she has lived. Film projects she acted in have gone to festivals such as Sundance, Cannes and the Sedona International Film Festival. She also composed lyrics for the Feature Film "Holy Rollers". Lydia’s first poetry collection “25 & 25 And A Couple Of Pounds More” was published in 2010.
In the American radio show ´Facets of the Heart´ she weekly recites poetry on the show. A lot of her poems have already been published internationally: some have been selected in the Australian poetry magazine ´The Curious Record´ and some were selected for several Poetry Societies in the U.S.A. and in Australian.

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