Might see something you don't


Renate Vogt; Loek Marcus

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Might see something you don't

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ISBN: 9789491076084, geïllustreerd, 218 blz., September 2019, Engels
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Most people suffer a kind of “confirmation bias”. It’s a human tendency to find the confirmation of things already known based on day to day life experiences. One always will find a kind of evidence to proof what he or she already pretended to know. Therefore experiences showing the opposite will not be acknowledged or will be ignored. The moment you decide to turn it around, however, life becomes more surprising and joyful.

That is the story of Richard Homburg’s life which resulted in building Homburg International over the past 50 years. It is not a traditional biography covering the life of a single person or a description of a company’s historical develop-ment. It’s the story of someone who stepped into life like a “puppy”. Curious, adventurous, willing to explore territories, prepared to take risks when seeing chances, making mistakes, without prejudice, and always willing to learn. It’s the story of an entrepreneur who was able to “conquer the world” with a group of companies as diverse as his interests and the people he was working with. Engagement, perseverance of all people involved helped to realize a kind of “American dream” by a Dutchman: crossing borders, countries and continents.

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over de schrijver(s)Author Renate Vogt ™ Friends4You

More than 40 years active in the communication business at client and agency side.
Founder/managing director of success full “Through the line agencies” which won many prices for their inventive and creative “business building ideas” for a large variety of (inter) national B2B and B2C clients.
Since 2002 owner and managing partner in Friends4You, a small group of independent and very experienced professionals who are in charge to help company’s to build their business, thus in combination with the managing partnership in a recruitment agency, specialized in selecting top candidates in marketing and communication.

In her spare private time very engaged with workshops, lectures and articles
to share knowledge and to help people within the business to extend their business creatively and strategically.

She gave lectures at different business schools and universities, developed many business related workshops and trainings in combination with presentations at congresses and articles in business magazines. She is a certified trainer in MyMotivationsInsights and an active member of national and international organizations.

As in her work “storytelling” is always the basis for creating a good communication strategy, developing an inspiring workshop or presentation the question to write a book about the interesting history of Homburg International was a perfect fit. The development and expansion of this company is a complete story in itself.

Co-author Loek Marcus

Besides his more “rational background in engineering & finance” Loek and Renate formed a perfect team. With his international business experience at several multinationals, CFO at a construction company combined with his knowledge of managing a real estate portfolio, he joined Homburg International as CEO.
Over the years he became an active director in ventures in the Netherlands as well as over the world (USA, Europe, Canada and China).
Whilst travelling and working in so many different cultures he learned to listen to the story behind any project he was involved in. With this background and his surprising humor he became the perfect “travelling companion” with all the interviews to be done.
His inside knowledge and understanding “why projects went as they went” helped greatly in structuring the book. As fanatic sailor he perfectly understood the way the writers team had to follow and as excellent singer he enlightened some difficult moments when times were tough.
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