Test Maturity model integration TMMi

guidelines for test process improvement

Erik van Veenendaal; Brian Wells

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Test Maturity model integration TMMi

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ISBN: 9789490986100, geïllustreerd, 352 blz., October 2012, Engels
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Test Maturity Model integration
Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is a not-for-profit independent test maturity model developed by the TMMi Foundation. TMMi is being applied in various domains and industries world-wide and is rapidly gaining recognition. By many test professionals it is already perceived as the de-facto standard for test improvement and assessment. Using TMMi, organizations can improve their test process and even have their test process or test organization accredited when it complies with the requirements. The most important differences between TMMi and other test improvement models are independence, compliance with international testing standards, the business-driven (objective-driven) orientation and the complementary relationship with the CMMI framework.
Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) - Guidelines for Test Process Improvement is the definitive reference for the release 1.0 of the TMMi. It provides a single source for all TMMi model information.

The target audience for this book includes anyone interested in test process improvement - whether one is familiar with the concept or whether one is seeking information to get started on test improvement. It is intended for those who want an assessment to see where they are, those who already know what they want to improve, and those who are just getting started and want to develop a general understanding of TMMi.

The ultimate objective of the TMMi is to improve the testing processes and thereby also improve product quality; this book contains many of the things you need to get this done.

Erik van Veenendaal is a widely-recognized expert in software testing and quality management, a leading international consultant and trainer with over 20 years of practical experience and the founder of Improve Quality Services BV. He is the lead author and developer of the TMMi model and vice chair of the TMMi Foundation.

Brian Wells has over 20 years of practical experience in software testing and quality consultancy and training, specializing in assisting clients in evaluating and improving their testing and quality processes and capabilities. He is a founder, current board member and the technical chair of the TMMi Foundation.

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