The Delft innovation method

a design thinker's guide to innovation

Jan Buijs

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The Delft innovation method

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ISBN: 9789490947477, geïllustreerd, 118 blz., March 2012, Engels
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Uitgever: Eleven international publishing


This book deals with the process that leads to innovations. It provides an overall method for innovating in companies. As the method originated in Delft, it is called The Delft Innovation Method. It consists of five interconnected elements:
1. a general model of the corporate innovation process;
2. a facilitative leadership style;
3. a diversely composed innovation team;
4. the use of creative techniques;
5. the connection of the company to the external world.

The Delft Innovation Method is written in a basic style, with clarifying examples and illustrations. It should start a learning process on corporate product- and service-innovation.

The metaphor of going on an 'innovation discovery tour' is used for structuring the book. Chapter 1 offers a general description of the future innovation country. Chapter 2 offers a detailed roadmap of that country. In chapter 3 details are given about how to organize for this trip and how to find fellow travelers.

This book is meant for novices in the innovation field. It is aimed at design and business students, and at people working in companies who are going to be involved in innovation processes for the First time. Moreover, it will serve their bosses and colleagues.

Jan Buijs is professor in Management of Innovation at Delft University of Technology. In this book, he looks back on more than 35 years of helping, learning and teaching to create and innovate in business settings.

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