Public leadership and citizen value

the wineland papers 2010

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Public leadership and citizen value

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ISBN: 9789490947361, geïllustreerd, 210 blz., December 2011, Engels
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Uitgever: Eleven international publishing

redactie: James W. Bjorkman; Rob van Eijbergen; Goos Minderman; Hans Bekke


This work presents the peer-reviewed and updated conference papers presented at the 12th Winelands Conference on Public Leadership for Added Citizen Value. In order to produce good results, public leadership must be ethical and effective. Context is important when seeking to understand the concept of public leadership as well as to provide guidelines for action. Such an understanding is imperative when the focus is on effective and ethical public leadership that adds value to the lives of citizens. Proper analysis is required on the nature and scope of public leadership in terms of institutions as well as leaders who deal with the challenges. Public leaders need specific competencies that provide guidelines as well as to inform processes of research, education and development in the field.The contributions are from experts in the field.

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