Roadmap to EU food law

Irene Scholten-Verheijen; Theo Appelhof; Ronald van den Heuvel; Bernd van der Meulen

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Roadmap to EU food law

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 62.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789490947262, geïllustreerd, 200 blz., October 2011, Engels
Formaat: 24.0 (h) x 16.5 (b) x 1.3 (d) cm. Gewicht: 367 gram.

Uitgever: Eleven international publishing


This book provides a roadmap of the law applicable to the food sector in the EU. Rules and regulations are to be found at the international level, the European level and the private sector level. National legislation of the individual Member States is not covered in this book. International food law largely is a meta-framework providing models and setting limits to the way states and other entities, such as the EU, regulate the food sector. The Codex Alimentarius plays a central role at the international level. European law comprises a mix of rules. In the food sector the core of European food law can be found in a Regulation best known as the 'General Food Law' Regulation. An increasing number of EU Regulations applicable in this field directly address consumers and businesses in the same way national legislation does. In addition, there are EU directives requiring Member States to include harmonized provisions in their national legal system. Finally, the private sector has formulated schemes consisting of private standards that are embedded in certification procedures. These schemes are based on EU legislation taking it beyond the borders of the EU, elaborating it in more detail or simply ensuring compliance. Some schemes are based on international models.

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