Into the world

experiences and views of medical doctors Global Health and Tropical Medicine

Marlies Hummelen

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Into the world

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ISBN: 9789490357214, geïllustreerd, 204 blz., December 2017, Engels
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Uitgever: Boekschap

redactie: Matthijs Botman


Increasing globalisation, large numbers of migrants, rapidly spreading infectious diseases, failing health systems: disease and health care have no boundaries. International health care is becoming increasingly important for today's and tomorrow's world. Who have the knowledge and experience to deal with this?

Into the World is written as an answer to that question. This book shows the value of Dutch global health doctors for health care around the world - including the Netherlands. The book outlines a multi-faceted image of their work in different countries and under difficult circumstances. Varying from a member of the Doctors without Borders emergency team to a young global health doctor at the gynaecology department of a hospital in Namibia. From a doctor who suddenly found himself in the midst of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone to a paediatrician dedicated to refugee children in the Netherlands. Into the World focuses on these modern 'tropical doctors' and the meaning of their work, their knowledge and experience.

Marlies Hummelen interviewed twelve global health doctors regarding their experiences in global and Dutch health care. Twelve personal stories with a universal core. These are complemented by five vision pieces written by experts from the field and experts in global health care, and a brief description of the history of the profession and training programme.

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