When Red Disappears

Elspeth Diederix

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When Red Disappears

gebonden: € 35.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789490119775, geïllustreerd, 88 blz., July 2019 UITVERKOCHT!

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For her series 'When Red Disappears' Elspeth Diederix, ventured into the secret gardens of the Dutch waters in Zeeland. The benthic flora and fauna of this chilly, turbid, green-grey water turned out to display an extraordinary visual richness that was a perfect complement to the large body of botanical work that Diederix has made in gardens and parks. Enthused and inspired, she took on the ordeal of diving there in order to make underwater photographs of the astonishing colour formations revealed by her lights. Through Diederix’ goggles we glimpse an unspoiled underwater paradise, where life – in the form of shells, sponges, seaweeds, anemones and other organisms – shows its most colourful side.

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