City of Flowers

The story of Primrose

Rose Cruse

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City of Flowers

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 16.99

ISBN: 9789464357073, 168 blz., July 2021, Engels

Uitgever: Brave New Books


High in the craggy peaks of the Hranir Mountains, nestled in a wind-scoured valley, lies the stone city of Shadebloom. Its streets lie in shadow for much of the day, a colossal cliff overhanging the town. From dusk to dawn, the ‘City of Flowers' streets come alive with drunken crowds of men who come to spend their coin. Primrose is one of the dancers in Shadebloom, trying to make enough coin to buy herself free. Little she knows that her master has other plans for her, causing her to flee the city together with her lover.

This romantic novel is written purely using Artificial Intelligence, to show the current and future generation what is possible.


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