What Real Estate Agents in Spain might NOT tell you, but what you definitely need to know.

Knowledge is power.

Rutger Berntsen

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What Real Estate Agents in Spain might NOT tell you,  ...

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I have worked for 28 years in the Spanish building industry as an architectural designer/project manager, and I have seen it all. You will be surprised what can come across your path when you start your journey to purchasing a property in Spain. I have inspected many properties before, and unfortunately also some áfter the purchase. When viewing properties, people tend to look at the view and forget to look at the house. With the information I provide, you will not forget to look at the most critical issues. A real estate agent is not a protected profession in Spain; you too, can become a real estate agent. I am not saying that all real estate agents are not to trust, but as they all share their portfolios (and after the sale share the commission), it will be impossible for them to have a thorough knowledge of each property they intend to sell. With the information I provide, you gain knowledge that gives you the power to bargain, e.g. and save money.


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