On The Verge Of Something

Jason Wright

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On The Verge Of Something

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 16.95

ISBN: 9789464187335, 185 blz., January 2021, Engels

Uitgever: Brave New Books


In this third chapter of collected poems, it’s all about bringing forth something that already exists,
the art of rewriting the same bearable and unbearable tensions of life. It’s about figuring out what went wrong in the past and all the lessons that we have learned from it.

For it has been a very strange time for each and everyone of us. A time to think about life, love and the understanding of the unknown. A time to realize the things we have and not the things we desperately seek to want.

From the moment the pen touches the paper, words starts to flow. Beautifully, poetically, but mostly a reflection on what’s going on in the world, the daily surroundings of life.

Speaking words of deep thoughts, emotions and learning to listen again to our true inner feelings. Something we seem to have lost on our way, the intensity of being human.

Some among us are indeed on the verge of something great by accepting the difficulties of life, by understanding the meaning of unspoken words. The end of searching for all the answers, the acceptance of just being their true selves.


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