Alvinus TNTCL

Artbook by Johntaro 2016-2020


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Alvinus TNTCL

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 35.99: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789464065497, geïllustreerd, 128 blz., January 2021

Uitgever: Johntaro


Alvinus is floating island high up in the clouds. This artbook contains glimpses into that world. A place where technology is magic and its literal tentacles control the goings on of the beings living on top of that cursed floating rock. These glimpses come to the author Johntaro in fever dreams while sitting at his tablet scribbling away while streaming. Some say he isn’t even human anymore.

In this tome you will find kinky elves, helpful tentacles and the hapless humans trying to coexist with them. With a heavy focus on shiny latex outfits and helpful tentacles.

There is also a complete collection of character profiles to help you match faces with names and backstories.

The book is completed by a set of comissioned pieces from guest artists:
SvensPronfest, Carboncats by Lukas, Bikupan, Ragadabah, Viriden, Johnsonist, Convoluted, Delidah, Hive

This book is meant for adults only.

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