How to Survive the Dutch Works Council

A practical toolkit

Walter Landwier

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How to Survive the Dutch Works Council

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ISBN: 9789464056747, 85 blz., October 2020
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Uitgever: Brave New Books


The Works Council is a unique instrument to protect the rights of employees and ensure workers participation in organisations. It is an important part of what is known as the Dutch ‘Poldermodel’. A way of consulting all stakeholders involved to come to better decisions.

As a new member to the Works Council of as a Director you might approximately know how things work. But how do things work exactly? What is the Works Council entitled to, and what not? What is expected from the chairman and the secretary? How do you write a good letter? Which steps should be taken by the Works Council during a request for advice? What are your options if you cannot come to an agreement with the director?

This survival guide provides an answer to all of these questions. In this practical toolkit, you will find an overview of the rights and obligations of the Works Council, the tasks of the Works Council, sample letters, practical guidelines, and the most important articles from the Works Council Act (WOR).

Good luck surviving the Dutch Works Council!


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