The Usui Method

Life force energy as a source of natural healing

Monique Bijloo

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The Usui Method

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 17.95

ISBN: 9789464055283, geïllustreerd, 72 blz., July 2020, Engels

Uitgever: Brave New Books


The Usui method found its origins in Sanskrit and is the oldest natural healing method in the world. It is rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, at the beginning of the last century. He called it the universal healing method. This therapy, which adds life energy to the body, induces deep relaxation of body and mind thus allowing blockages to release. Usui energy creates balance on a physical, emotional and mental level.

At the age of 27 she came into contact with this system and further developed her talent for this. Her mission is to bring the authentic and original system back into society in the way it was meant to be. A longread for anyone who wants to come in contact with the healing flow of life force energy!


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