ACE Fisher


H.J. Roeland

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ACE Fisher

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 16.58

ISBN: 9789464050899, 206 blz., October 2020, Engels

Uitgever: Brave New Books


When Ana Christina Emily (aka ACE) returned to her home after a four-year walkabout she experienced one shock after another.
Her late mother turned out to be her adoptive mother.
Her father, who went missing shortly before her first birthday, now appeared to have sneaked to England, where he recently died.
While traveling to the UK, where she was expected in Bath for the reading of her father's will, she had to change flights in Kuala Lumpur.
In the departure hall, an unknown Asian girl gave her a package, that contained a safety deposit key and a letter and from her father which started:
'My darling daughter, When you read this I am dead and unless you have absolute proof that I have died of natural causes YOU WILL HAVE TO ASSUME THAT I WAS MURDERED. In that case, you are in great danger too!!''
His instructions sent her on a journey around Europe, the UK, and back to Australia, where it all started some 25 years ago.


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