Suggestions for Thought 1

Florence Nightingale

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Suggestions for Thought 1

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ISBN: 9789463980357, 253 blz., March 2020, Engels
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'Suggestions for Thought' entails what - in present-day English – may be called 'the Nightingale challenge', relevant not only for her contemporaries but also for readers of this day and age.
In her book, Miss Nightingale encourages christians of all denominations, church-going or not – Anglicans and Roman Catholics in particular – to ask themselves: “Do I believe what I say I believe?” and better still: "Do I practice what I preach?"
If the answer is affirmative, miss Nightingale confronts them with some compelling criticism on many of their most cherished religious beliefs and practices.
If not, miss Nightingale offers them her ‘positive’ theology, and explains all the practical implications that go with it.
In addition, 'Suggestions for Thought' gives us a deeper insight into the ideas underpinning Miss Nightingale’s views on the moral nature of nursing.

This edition with more than 1,000 annotations – based on the original text, printed in 1860 – has been created using optical character recognition software with 99 % accuracy, and has been thoroughly checked for any remaining typos


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