How to grow as a people manager

Mieke Audenaert

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How to grow as a people manager

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ISBN: 9789463933834, 288 blz., January 2021, Engels
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Uitgever: Owl Press


There seems to be a shortage of good leaders, which is troubling because they are fundamental to any successful
organization. What makes growing as a leader so difficult? And how can we improve leadership? To answer these question,
we have to delve into people management.

This book nurtures a positive approach to people management. Based on current challenges such as diversity, increasing performance pressure, wellbeing, burnout, maneuverability and sustainability, this book takes you along a growth path through five phases of people management:
(1) How do I ensure having the right people on board to
foster continuity?
(2) How do I inspire people and boost their productivity?
(3) How can I support and follow up with people so that
they are engaged and healthy?
(4) How do I get innovative employees with a sustainable
(5) How do I achieve balanced leadership?

These five phases can be relevant for (future) leaders in any organizational context.
How to grow as a people manager aims to develop your people management skills. The author builds on new insights from scientific research. She also provides cases, inspiring examples, self-assessments and practical tips.

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