Bruegel 450, the anniversary

Sabine Penot; Manfred Sellink


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ISBN: 9789463887175, geïllustreerd, 480 blz., November 2019, Engels

Uitgever: Hannibal


The 450th anniversary edition
Manfred Sellink, Ron Spronk, Sabine Pénot and others
Pieter Bruegel the Elder is internationally
acclaimed as the greatest
sixteenth-century painter in the
Netherlands. The 450th anniversary of
his death is being celebrated in 2019.
The Kunsthistorisches Museum in
Vienna therefore organised the largest
ever exhibition devoted solely to this
artist, and researchers have been able
to study Bruegel’s work in detail. Their
research resulted in the bestseller
Bruegel – The Hand of the Master. In
addition to that publication, an essay
volume will be published this year.
The content of this richly illustrated
book is based on the papers held
during last year's Bruegel Symposium
at the Kunsthistorisches Museum
Vienna. This symposium was part of
an important exhibition and research
project on the creative processes of Pieter
Bruegel the Elder, and was organized
by Elke Oberthaler (Head of Paintings
Conservation, Kunsthistorisches
Museum), Sabine Pénot (Curator for
Netherlandish and Dutch Painting,
Kunsthistorisches Museum), Manfred
Sellink (Director, Royal Museum of
Fine Arts, Antwerp and Professor of
Art History, Ghent University) and
Ron Spronk (Professor of Art History,
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
and Radboud University, Nijmegen),
with Alice Hoppe-Harnoncourt
(Kunsthistorisches Museum).
This publication brings together
detailed and in-depth studies about
Pieter Bruegel the Elder and new insights
into his paintings, drawings and prints.

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