Scientific Life in Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Historical and Analytical Study of Geometry, Mathematics, Astrology and Astronomy

Ayman Waziry


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ISBN: 9789463868303, geïllustreerd, 288 blz., March 2019, Engels
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This book presents outlines of History of Sciences in Ancient Egyptian Civilization. The late Egyptian and Greek sources praised the ancient Egyptian cultural centers as a source for knowledge and science, thus ancient Egypt was a source of inspiration for the legislator 'Solon', as well as 'Thales of Miletus' who was a mathematician and astronomer, where He learned and practiced the sciences of ancient Egypt, then taking this knowledge to the Greeks. The First Chapter provides 'The Historical Manifestations of Geometry and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt'. The Second Chapter provides 'The Historical Manifestations of Astrological Life in Ancient Egypt'. The Third Chapter provides 'The Historical Manifestations of Astronomical Life in Ancient Egypt'. The Addendum provides 'The Historical and Linguistic Identification and Treatment of Obsolete Units and Measures of Time in Ancient Egyptian Language and Synonyms'. All of these were divided to several sections and topics to serve the scientific methodologies in ancient Egyptian civilization which was absolutely precious.


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