Pain relief through Pijet techniques

Lancar Ida-Bagus


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ISBN: 9789463863315, geïllustreerd, 126 blz., June 2019, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

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The Pijet (pressure point massage) techniques of the Vishnuh-Society is not a magic agent that can cure all kinds of physical discomfort. Anyone in possession of the necessary knowledge of the anatomy and physiology can bring a lot of relief to pain sufferers by applying "PIJET" the Javanese nerve-puncture theory as laid down by the Vishnuh Society. However, the method and rules for the pressure points as set out in this book should be followed exactly so that the pine area to be treated is carried out safely and simply. But education in the nerve points has her limitations, and we need to be aware that one should not think that it is a way against all kinds of ailments.
In order to make a painful body area painless, the indicated nerve points must be massaged with thumb and index finger. At the same time, you feel how an electrostatic energy works in that place. The pain disturbed bio-magnetism in the body is restored because the pressure on the painful place causes the brain to turn into encephalin (= natural pain ache) in the body. This way of pain relief is unlimited.


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