Towards a Method of Participatory Planning in an Emerging Metropolitan Delta in the Context of Climate Change

The Case of Lower Paraná Delta, Argentina

Veronica Zagare

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Towards a Method of Participatory Planning in an Emerging ...

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serienaam/reeks: A+BE Architecture and the Built Environment


The Parana River is the third largest river in the American continent, after the Mississippi and the Amazon. Instead of flowing directly to the sea, it flows to the Rio de la Plata (located between Argentina and Uruguay) through a complex delta system.

Although this delta can be considered an extreme and particular case, many of the conflicts that can be found in this area replicate in other deltas around the world. Urbanizing deltas are subjected to pressures related to urban growth and climate change, within a context of uncertainty and unpredictability.

This research is focused on the study of the complexity of self-organizing processes that emerge in metropolitan areas located in (or near) delta territories, in order to link climate adaptation with urban development from an actor-oriented perspective.

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