Affordable Condominium Housing

A comparative analysis of low-income homeownership in Colombia and Ecuador

Rosa Elena Donoso Gomez

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Affordable Condominium Housing

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ISBN: 9789463660761, 292 blz., November 2018
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Uitgever: TU Delft Open

serienaam/reeks: A+BE Architecture and the Built Environment


The aim of this study is to gain more insight into how homeowner’s associations work in low-income owner-occupied apartments. When parts of the residential buildings such as the ground on which they are built and the infrastructure are joint property,
then a homeowners' association is necessary to keep maintenance of the common property parts. The lack of maintenance of these communal areas is a problem of increasing proportions, which has prompted this research. Which factors play a decisive
role in how homeowner’s associations function and how building maintenance is organized, how important is the horizontal property law and how does this affect low-income housing policy in Colombia and Ecuador?

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