The psychodynamics of burnout

About the relationship between fear and sorrow.

Peter Suijker

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The psychodynamics of burnout

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ISBN: 9789463455930, geïllustreerd, 117 blz., April 2019, Engels
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Burnout is not the result of hard work as such. It arises because a person constantly experiences mental stress in work and/or private life. The 'carrying capacity' and the 'carrying load' have been out of balance for too long. But what is the underlying psychological force, which leads to chronic stress and which is sometimes so persistent that someone gets a burnout again? And what inner change process is needed to prevent a relapse?

The author answers these questions from integrative psychotherapy and illustrates his view with examples from his practice and personal life. The book provides concise and at the same time in-depth insight into the psychological cause and the treatment of burnout and is recommended for coaches, counselors, psychotherapists and their clients.

Peter Suijker (1965) studied sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, management consultancy at the Free University Amsterdam and integrative psychothera-py at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy. He has a coaching and psychotherapy practice in Rotterdam.

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