Key Performance Illusions

pitfalls and loopholes in performance measurement

Coen de Bruijn

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Key Performance Illusions

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ISBN: 9789463454889, geïllustreerd, November 2018, Engels
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On a daily basis, millions of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are generated to provide guidance, feedback and direction. Decisions, big and small, find their origin in KPIs. Performance Measurement has become a well established management area and it is hard to imagine that not so long ago we were able to manage our progress with just a few financial metrics.

How different it is in today's day and age. From people to systems and from individuals to organisations, there is little we don't measure via all sorts of KPIs. A constant stream of dashboards and spreadsheets show us how we are doing and where to go next. But is the KPI indeed the prophetic tool of this era?

In this book we'll see it is not. KPIs are frequently irrelevant, or worse, they encourage the wrong behavior. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the inherent problems with KPIs and shows how they are misused, misunderstood and misinterpret.

Warning: This book might put your most cherished KPI beliefs to the test.

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