Raging Ragas Side A

Nithin Dominic Koshy; Sai Prasanna Menon

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Raging Ragas Side A

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 17.99

ISBN: 9789463453677, June 2018, Engels

Uitgever: Pumbo.nl


Talented enough to spark a revolution, young Sagar Das sings his way up the social ladder. But Shankaran - an uncivilized, feudalistic moneylender who lords over his fellow villagers - and his ally Rajan will stop at nothing to crush the growing power of Sagar's charisma.

The situation heats up when Shankaran's daughter Dhanya falls in love with the singer. Suddenly, Sagar's family turns his life upside down by forcing him to migrate to a big city. Time is running out...

What choice will Sagar make to hold on to everything that he loves?

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