How to manage your career as a PhD

100 tips and tricks to prepare for your next step

Lucia Smit

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How to manage your career as a PhD

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ISBN: 9789463442107, October 2017, Engels
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Nine out of ten PhDs continue their career outside academia

‘Towards the end of my PhD I was often asked what would be my next step. I was a 100 % focused on finalizing my project. At the same time I needed to think about my future. Leaving academia implied starting a new professional life. I felt stressed and didn’t know where to start. I asked myself if I was ready to give up my academic dream yet.’
Jonathan, 29 years

Managing your career after getting your PhD is often a struggle. This book helps you structure your thoughts and explore new career possibilities. It offers numerous tips and tricks to prepare for your next step.

Dr. Lucia Smit shows how you can discover your talents and find new career options by using HR and psychological tools. You will gain insight in your motivation and interpersonal skills. Tools and questionnaires will help you find out what is important to you in your work and how to structure your path towards a new career.

You will also learn what employers are looking for when they hire employees and how they think about PhD graduates. How to manage your career after a PhD is a positive and very practical management book that stresses the numerous possibilities you have as a PhD. The book is illustrated with ten testimonials of PhDs who made a successful transition to the job market after being coached by dr. Lucia Smit.

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