The redemption of the original sin

the deliverance from the curse of the damned

Lancar Ida-Bagus; R.R. Purperhart

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The redemption of the original sin

gebonden: € 30.72: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789463428842, geïllustreerd, 104 blz., December 2016, Engels



Friends means that it remains far from anomie and underhanded behavior or treason against each other. One should just be ready for another. Belief or disbelief God is irrelevant, because a friend has never come before each closed door. Friendship is especially unconditional support each other and synonymous with human solidarity, even if they do not have time or do not feel in trouble of another.

By infidelity and betrayal, people are a bit lost confidence that they had in the other. There are a lot of people who do not dare to enter into a new relationship, afraid of being disappointed again.

Life is hard and uninhibited, but true friendship can not simply be replaced. Unity is strength, and this is nature's own, and by being part of his natural forces set nature people are already satisfied and are therefore highly regarded by mother nature. Together as a unit, as nature must be the aim of everyone.


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