Collaborative cultures

Inspiring People

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Collaborative cultures

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ISBN: 9789463427760, geïllustreerd, 121 blz., March 2017, Engels
Formaat: 21.5 (h) x 13.5 (b) x 1.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 175 gram.


serienaam/reeks: Best practice sharing


Discover how leaders of international corporates are working on creating more collaborative and innovative corporate cultures. Get inspiration from 26 writers in 52 best practices about new approaches to deal with challenges of the digital era.

We are Inspiring People, and we believe that inspired people collaborate, innovate and perform better. That’s why we want to create a business world in which people are involved in making decisions and feel appreciated for their talents. But how do you create such an inspiring business community? We travel the world to collect best practices from inspiring leaders in international organizations. We share these best practices with the world in our annual book. We also use these best practices to develop crisp workshops, exciting events, and meaningful culture transformation programs.


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