The World is Round

An optimistic master plan for the transformation of business and society

Jo Caudron

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The World is Round

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ISBN: 9789463372503, 280 blz., March 2020, Engels
Formaat: 24.0 (h) x 16.0 (b) x 2.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 665 gram.

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For over twenty years sectors have been changing in the wake of digital disruption. Today banks, retailers, the media, taxi firms and so many other organisations are feeling the power of digitisation and the challenges it brings. All sectors find themselves in their particular perfect storm, in which digital forces compel them to adopt a new position. But what if that’s just the beginning? What if seeking a futureoriented transformation plan solely in relation to your industry proves insufficient? What if the very core of our society changes, partially as a result of digitisation, but also due to major issues related to the future of work, housing, mobility, the climate, healthcare, education, globalisation, population growth and even people living longer?

In The World is Round Jo Caudron searches for links between each of these social transformations. He ultimately concludes that they collectively form a Metastorm, an all-transcending series of interwoven perfect storms. The Metastorm will have an impact on every decision we take at the company, policy or individual level.

The World is Round is an optimistic plea, for us to approach and tackle the problems holistically. If we succeed, the future awaiting us is definitely worth the effort.

Jo Caudron has been working as a digital entrepreneur for years and has been involved in a number of digital businesses. For the past ten years he has worked as a transformation strategist. With his strategy and innovation agency, he helps organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Jo has written several books that all provide a source of inspiration for individuals, companies and policy-makers in these times of transformation. He is also a popular public speaker.

Jo lives in the Flemish Ardennes, is happily married and has two children. They form his ideal laboratory for observing change, but also serve as the major driving force in his search for an optimistic outlook for tomorrow.

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