Lotharius, four in one

40 reflections

Han Berghs

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Lotharius, four in one

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 16.30

ISBN: 9789463184656, geïllustreerd, 43 blz., May 2016, Engels
Formaat: 21.5 (h) x 13.5 (b) x 0.5 (d) cm. Gewicht: 73 gram.

Uitgever: Boeken uit Limburg


'Lotharius, Four in One', 40 poems in Dutch, French, German and English by Han Berghs.

'Lotharius, Four in One' is a short version of 'Lotharius, 40 reflections' (Han Berghs, 2012)
In each poem are the four languages mixed up and combined in a special way.

The poems speak for a great social involvement and realism, but also for a strong imagination in the search for the essence of life and love.

'Lotharius, Four in One' underlines the international character of the Euro-region 'Meuse and Rhine', the former Lotharingia.

In the 21st century, this area is still a point of intersection for French, German and Dutch languages and culture, with the English language as the common language for politics, commerce, industry and art.


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