Non-violent Resistance Intervision Game

Ilse van den Heuvel; Colette Montens

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Non-violent Resistance Intervision Game

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ISBN: 9789463172301, geïllustreerd, May 2020, Engels
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The Intervision Game Non-Violent Resistance is intended to retain the ideas and methodology and to better implement these within your team and organisation. By regularly considering the questions together, you internalise the ideas in attitude, behaviour and language.

Who is this game intended for?
For everyone who is familiar with the methodology Non-Violent
Resistance, such as:
• professionals working with young people
• managers
• coaches
• trainers
• intervision groups
• students

Contents of the Intervision Game
The intervision game consists of three parts: theme cards, cards with statements and help cards (in total 150 cards)
The theme cards are divided into seven themes:
1. We work together
2. De-escalating
3. Vigilant care
4. Relationship gestures
5. Group questions
6. Contact
7. Reconciliation gestures and resolution requests

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