Tackling Human Complexity

Jac B. Nijssen

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Tackling Human Complexity

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ISBN: 9789463012140, 314 blz., October 2018, Engels
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Uitgever: Eburon


What is fundamental for living objects?

They possess the potential to keep a number of surrounding variables within certain boundaries by using prepared behavior. At first glance, the way in which human behavior is determined reveals an enormous complexity in people. Consider the enormous diversity of cultures and the many ways in which behavior determination – both reactive and proactive – may change and develop throughout one lifetime. How can this great diversity between people as well as complexity in people be fully explained? This book tries to answer this question by unraveling, step by step, the mechanism behind the production of that wide spectrum of developmental trajectories.

The resulting model is exceptionally comprehensive. It merges most psychological constructs in the field by integrating perception, intuition, emotion, motivation, and cognition. The model demonstrates the recursive and self-organizing properties of a basic behavioral determination element, thus uncovering a whole universe of fragmentation and coordination possibilities. Self-organization (i.e. the core process underlying all human development) is being stripped of its mysteries. As such, the model offers a comprehensive insight into the range of human intellectual potential as well as a rather unsettling peek into the fragility of the human sense of direction.

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