Nationality law in the Eastern Hemisphere

Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship in Asian Perspective

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This edited volume consists of chapters that have previously been published as individual Asian country reports by the GLOBALCIT Observatory, formerly called the EUDO CITIZENSHIP Observatory due to its original focus on Europe and neighbouring countries. GLOBALCIT is a free online research platform on matters of citizenship and the franchise and the new name reflects the Observatory’s worldwide coverage after its geographic expansion first to the Americas and most recently to Asia and other continents. The papers collected in this book provide the first comprehensive overview of citizenship law in Asia since Nationality and International Law in Asian Perspective, published by Brill in 1990 and edited by Ko Swan Sik.

The individual chapters analyse 18 countries in Asia with regard to issues such as naturalisation, dual citizenship and statelessness, and include historical observations as well as extensive bibliographical references. The GLOBALCIT country profiles as well as different databases – including a Global Database on Grounds for Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship – provide additional information on the countries discussed in this book.


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