Embedding the Principles of Life Time Contracts

A Research Agenda for Contract Law

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ISBN: 9789462367739, February 2018, Engels
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Following the success of EuSoCo's book, Life Time Contracts: Social Long-term Contracts in Labour, Tenancy and Consumer Credit Law (Eleven, 2014), in which EuSoCo laid out sixteen Principles of Life Time Contracts to apply whenever individuals seek to form or continue such social long-term relationships, in this book, we expand thereon, making the Principles more accessible and useful to practitioners, judges, and even policy makers.

As society depends on individuals being able to meet certain basic necessities, the need to elaborate common principles to preserve and protect Life Time Contracts remains crucial. In this book we focus on how practitioners, judges, and policy makers can embed these sixteen Principles in the existing legal framework.

To aid them in this task, we expand on the way these Principles can be used to interpret and inform general contract law, with a special emphasis on employment, consumer credit, and residential tenancy contracts. We pay particular attention to those areas affected by the digital economy and by regulatory measures introduced in response to the economic crisis and recession.

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