Common sense: Boycott Holland

how to solve the economic crisis since 2007

Thomas Colignatus

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Common sense: Boycott Holland

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ISBN: 9789461933546, geïllustreerd, 172 blz., August 2012, Engels
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The cause of the economic crisis lies in our democracy. The checks and balances of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches allow too much room for politicians to manipulate information. The solution is an Economic Supreme Court (ESC) based in science.

European countries do not have to transfer sovereignty to Brussels but politicians have to transfer power to their national ESC.

The current problems in finance, banking and national debt are only symptoms. The underlying economic problem is stagflation, i.e. a bad combination of unemployment and inflation. In 1980-2007 governments tried to solve stagflation by deregulating (financial) markets. With new regulations the underlying stagflation rears its ugly head again.

The author was at the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) in 1982-1991. The analysis that is relevant to solve the crisis was already developed back then, but was censored by the CPB Directorate. Next to 'Greek Statistics' we thus have 'Dutch Science'.

After 22 years of protest it is advisable to boycott Holland till the censorship is lifted.

Colignatus is the science name of econometrician Thomas Cool (1954). See

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