William Morris

Pepin van Roojen

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William Morris

gebonden: € 12.95

ISBN: 9789460098208, geïllustreerd, 16 blz., October 2020, Engels
Formaat: 34.5 (h) x 25.0 (b) x 0.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 405 gram.

Uitgever: Pepin Press B.V., The

serienaam/reeks: Artists' colouring book


PEPIN Artists’ Colouring Books (250x345mm/10”x13½”) contain 16 sheets of long-lasting, acid-free drawing paper printed with exceptional designs in very light lines so the original outline will hardly be visible after colouring. The 180-gsm drawing paper is suitable for a wide range of colouring applications including pencil, watercolour, ink and crayon. Our wide range of books feature popular styles such as Still Life Bouquets, alongside artist-themed books like Monet and William Morris, perfectly suited to simultaneously practising your colouring skills and creating beautiful pieces.

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