Buried at the other side of the bay

Remains of Dutch funerary heritage in Japan from the era 1609-1870

René ten Dam

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ISBN: 9789402175387, geïllustreerd, 111 blz., September 2018, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Brave New Books


After a horrendous journey in which several ships were lost, the Dutch came to Japan early 1600 with a ship called Liefde, meaning ‘Love’, and settled in Hirado. The Dutch traders were to stay there for several decades until they were transferred to the artificial island of Dejima in the harbor of Nagasaki. Here they stayed for over two hundred years, a period in which they were the only western nation allowed to trade with the Japanese. The location where the Dutch buried their dead in Hirado is still to be found, but in Nagasaki, on mount Inasa a small burial site, called Hollandsche Begraafplaats, is a silent reminder of an extraordinary period in time the Netherlands share with Japan.

Within a range of articles, the history is presented of the Dutch traders and especially off those who died and are buried on the Dutch cemetery. Research has shown over 700 people were buried on the site, but only just over forty tombstones are to be found nowadays.


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